•  10.06.2012

    Our new promo-video!    WATCH

  •  1-3.06.2011

    Group Krada participates in the international knight festival "FORPOST"

  •  11.11.2011

    "Krada" is on air on TUT.BY

  • 10.06.2012

    New promo-video
  • 1-3.06.2011

    Festival "FORPOST"
  • 11.11.2011

    "Krada" is on TUT.BY

    Funny, provocative and incendiary, always ready to share their inner fire and boundless energy to guide you into the mysterious world of light and shadows and reveal the secrets of taming the fire - this is not the ancient shamans and overseas sorcerers this is the group Krada.
    As an independent team, the group has existed since January 26, 2008. Prior to this, the participants were in the dance theater and fire show "Gistrion." But once they decided to try their own - so there's a new team Krada, we combine fire-show dancing and neon-show with performance elements.

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